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a stream of peeking sunlight accompanied by the trill of the Bulbul for alarm clock. In an idyllic wooden cottage where windows open to mist-shrouded mornings and breeze clears the air just in time for sunlight to fall on the verdant hills. The unlikely but pleasant accompaniment of the aroma of freshly pound beans served with the steaming cup of coffee. And a breakfast, prepared on wood burning stoves, every gourmand’s delight.

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are around crackling embers of a late evening campfire, meeting the unlikely spotting of a stripped feline and con-calls, the vociferous imitations of the famed Laughing Thrush and trumpeting elephants. In Wayanad, the land dotted with woodlands, valleys, hillocks and fed by copious rainfall, all that features on the memo is a tryst with nature.

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and more at Pugmarks Resorts. Neatly tucked away in a coffee plantation are quaint wooden cottages and premium suites, an inviting place to be miles away from anywhere of consequence. Hemmed by the elephant corridors and the thick foliage of the forest on all the three sides, Pugmarks Resorts is Wayanad’s very own nature retreat, where being amidst nature is just a way of living.

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Nestled against the mighty Western Ghats, at the southern tip of the Deccan Plateau, the untamed beauty of Wayanad never once fails to amaze. At altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 metres above sea level, the land is picture perfect with its undulating hillocks, lush evergreen forests, and verdant coffee and spice plantations in the hills. The district is said to derive its name from the vast expanse of paddy fields (vayal) which cover the land (naadu).

Spread across 2, 132 square kilometers, Wayanad is said to have shied away from the effects of civilization holding intact its pristine beauty. The verdant hills border Madumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur on one side and the Tholpetty Wildlife sanctuary and Nagarhole on the other side forming one of the largest mass of land inhabited by wildlife in the country by diverse flora and fauna, some of them endemic to the region.

Resorts In Wayanad.

Where to stay and go for holidays in Wayanad

Pugmarks Jungle lodge is the places to stay at Wayanad near Karthikulam and Manandavady Wayanad is the best for wildlife tours in Kerala,South India, Pugmarks offers wild life tours and night safari.Elephant and tiger sightings are rare, they are very frequent here


Wayanad is easily accessible from Bangalore, making it the hotspot for weekend trips from Bangalore.Pugmarks jungle lodge offers all kinds of wildlife tourism in Wayanad.located near karthikulam.

Where to look for weekend trips from Bangalore

Wayanad is easily accessible from Bangalore and has the best wildlife,family, honeymoon and party trips.Pugmarks is one of the resorts in Wayanad/ Wayanadu near Thiruneyy wildlife sanctuary.

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