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Day Treks

Bon Voyage !

You are setting off on a journey to see and experience the thrills of nature.Human beings are innately curious concerning the world in which we live. We yearn to know what other places look like- what the people, their culture, the animals and the plant life, and landforms elsewhere.


We must accept that tourism is neither a blessing nor a blight, neither poison nor panacea. We believe in balancing the benefits and costs and to come up with the best cost/benefit result.

“ we travel  long roads and cross the water to see what we disregard when it is under our eyes . This is either because nature has so arranged things that we go after  what is far off and remain indifferent to what is nearby+(The younger Pliny, second century B.C)”

Our philosophy is to contribute Wayanad’s tourism growth while ensuring the protection of its flora and fauna.

Our philosophy is to create special places in special places. It is our pleasure to satisfy your reasons for leaving one place to another…. if they are expectation of change, relaxation, escape, newness, excitement, enrichment, fantasy or rejuvenating experience……


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